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South Florida
Contact: Tarra Guerra,, 954 907 2789
New Zealand born musician Tarra Guerra has been performing and playing professionally since childhood.  An accomplished and enthusiastic musician, she plays several instruments and performs in many styles, including, Irish, Scottish, bluegrass, lounge rock and country and classical.  Celtic music and classical violin and guitar are her main performing interests nowadays.

Currently working on a Music Performance degree at Florida Atlantic University in classical guitar and violin

  • Thirty Six years of teaching experience
  • SAA Teacher Training in Suzuki Violin
* Books 1-5 (Bath, Cole, Kreitman, Lewis, Shackford)
* Overview 1-5 (Cole)
* Practicum (Cole, Lewis)
  • SAA teacher Training in Suzuki Guitar
* Books 1-5 (Kossler, Madsen)
* Practicum (Roberts)
  • Enrichment Courses useful in teaching
* Landmark Education (multiple courses)
* Yoga (Jivamukti)
* Brain Gym (Case)
* Healing & Energetics (Brennan)
* Teaching Group Class  (Durbin)
* Fish Camp (Cole)

Other Education Experience
* B.Sc Hon. and M.Sc. 1st Hon. Chemistry (Auckland, NZ)
* Teaching Assistant (University of Auckland, NZ),
* Chemistry, Physics, Math (various NYC and Florida               *Community Colleges & private tutoring)
* Math (University School, Middle School)
* Rock & Jazz Guitar (NYC: Lee, Montescu, Sullivan)
* Voice (NYC: Agresa, Howell, Lawrence, Travers)

Of her decision to be a Suzuki teacher, Tarra says, "I first came upon the Suzuki method as a parent when my son began violin, and soon realized how wonderfully effective and fun it was.  This was when I began training to teach Suzuki, instead of continuing to teach in the same traditional manner.  Now, with my son grown and planning to study engineering (but still playing the violin) I teach only the Suzuki method.  These lessons give amazing and wonderful results which are not only directly related to music, and bring wonderful results which are not only directly related to music, and bring great deal of joy to the whole family.  It is a fantastic thing to do with your children, and remains my personal favorite of all things my son and I did together.

Tarra owns and manages Guerra Music and is a founding partner in the Suzuki Strings, an active Suzuki violin, viola and guitar studio.  Tarra is highly involved with her students and the Suzuki violin community, serving on the board of the Suzuki Association of South Florida, where she helps to organize events such as workshops and graduation recitals, and is the founder of the Suzuki Jamboree, a Celtic and bluegrass Suzuki performing group.
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Tarra was raised in North Carolina, where she studied classical music at the North Carolina School of the Arts.  As a young child, she briefly studied violin with Vaitan Manoogian, a member of a distinguished violin faculty which included Ruggiero Ricci.  At age ten, Tarra became serious about classical guitar, becoming the youngest ever student accepted for study by Jesus Silva, a protege and student of Andres Segovia.  Violin was tabled in favor of guitar until much later, when she studied alongside her son when he began lessons.  This was Tarra's introduction to the Suzuki Method.

The young Tarra Guerra won first place in the Open category of the New Zealand National Guitar competition age fourteen after moving back to New Zealand with her family, studying with Belgian concert guitarist Emilie Bibobi.

In North Carolina, Tarra learned to love mountain folk music, an interest which continued in New Zealand where she was featured at folk festivals throughout the country while obtaining degrees in chemistry and physics.  Back in the States after college, Tarra moved to New York City and branched out into other musical styles, studying rock and jazz guitar and voice and songwriting.

A published songwriter with several solo albums, Tarra spent the next twelve years in New York City writing and playing original rock, performing with her band in every club and coffee house in the city.  In later years, Tarra took these originals to Nashville and other U.S. venues from Seattle to Miami.

Tarra Guerra has been teaching almost as long as she has been playing and loves teaching as much as she loves music.  In fact, whatever she has done in life, she has ended up teaching, from math to singing to yoga to chemistry to guitar to violin.  She has over thirty years experience in teaching private music lessons, eight years with her own Suzuki studio, and fourteen years experience of teaching in schools and colleges.

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Contact: Tarra Guerra,, 954 907 2789