Events and Community
2013 Studio Calendar
January 2013
12th        Group class begins
20th        Ronda Cole Master Class
24th        Ms. Tarra's concert
26th        Dress Rehearsal for Solo Recital & Federation
27th        Solo Recital, 2:00 p.m.

February 2013
2nd         Federation, no group class
5th          Federation, no group class
9th          Federation, no group class
16th         Group resumes.  Ms. Tarra's Orchestra Concert
23rd         Group class
April 2013
6th          Group class resumes      
7th          Suzuki Jamboree Bluegrass Festival
13th        Group / Ms. Tarra's Orchestra Concert
14th        SASF Benefit Concert
20th        Group class
21st        SASF Graduation Recital, Boca Raton
27th        Group class
28th        SASF Annual Meeting and Concert

March 2013
2nd         Group class
9th          Guitar and violin workshop.  No group
10th        Guitar and violin workshop concert.
16th        Group class
17th        Suzuki Jamboree Irish Festival, St. Patrick's Day
18th        Ms. Tarra's Guitar Recital.
23rd        No group class
24th        Ms. Tarra's Guitar Concert
30th        No group class

Suzuki Strings
South Florida
Contact: Tarra Guerra,, 954 907 2789
Contact: Tarra Guerra,, 954 907 2789
May 2013
3rd          State Federation, Jacksonville.  No group class
4th          State Federation, Jacksonville.  No group class
11th        Group class resumes
17th        Ms. Tarra's Solo Guitar Concert, Port St. Lucie
18th        Group class
19th        FYO Banquet and Concert
25th        Group class

June 2013
2nd         Dress rehearsal, no group
3rd          Final group recital  2:00 p.m.

Possible summer lessons after June 25th.