There is nothing quite like a Suzuki studio.  Very small children, older children, teenagers and adults are there - all learning to play with such joy and beauty, power and heart, technique and artistry that we are truly moved.

Music enriches everybody.
Music develops the mind, heart, body and soul.
It’s rarely too early and never too late.
Everyone can learn to play!

The Suzuki method is a child-friendly, non-elitist approach to learning to play an instrument.  While we like to start children at age four or five, and even as early as two or three, it works very well for all ages, including adults.   When properly done, the result is an extremely high level of playing ability in very young children, and a gift that can never be taken from them.  It helps them tremendously in school, work and life by developing their brain’s natural ability, by teaching them to express themselves, to be disciplined, to understand HOW to learn something, and to really know at the deepest level that if you practice correctly and consistently, you can literally do anything.  Children are incredible.  They have no preconceptions about what is or isn’t hard.  They just do it, and they love it!

Some of these students will choose music for their life work.  Others will remember music lessons as something fun they did in their childhood.  Others will continue to play for themselves, their children, friends and family all their lives.  The gift is for everyone, and the memories you build together as a family when you study in this way are priceless.

There are several special things about the Suzuki approach to music instruction.  In immediate practical terms, parents are completely involved from the beginning.  You are present and involved in every
lesson and  with practice every day.  It is a big commitment, but well worth it.  No experience is necessary, and training for the parents is part of the program, which begins with an introductory series of parent classes. 

There are two sessions during the school year, plus summer lessons if desired, and families are asked to commit to remain in the program for a minimum of the three to four months leading up to the next group recital.  Each family is an important part of a team and a community.  Children will have a strong sense of success and achievement if they take lessons to such a point.  Ms Tarra teaches classes as far north as Parkland, as far west as Pembroke Pines, and as far south as Miami Shores.  The home studio is in Fort Lauderdale.

Each student has one individual lesson, often in a master class setting, and one group lesson every week.  There are family discounts available.   The children perform several times a year at recitals, community events, workshops, festivals and other concerts.  This arrangement keeps them motivated and eager to learn.    They enjoy the social aspects of the system very much, and learn a great deal by watching others.

There are several sources for instruments in the area.  You can buy, rent, or rent-to-buy.  The size and quality of the instrument are VERY VERY important!   PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD SIZED BY TARRA (not by the music store!!!) BEFORE PURCHASING!

We urge you to visit and observe as many private and group classes as you can, for as long as you like, before deciding to commit to the program.  Call for a schedule of recitals, lessons and other events, or to schedule and FREE introductory parent meeting.

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